Did you know that a whopping 99% of all businesses in the United States are small ones? Employing as much as half of the workforce, small businesses are vital for the country’s economy, but to keep themselves afloat and thriving, they must have the right tools and resources at their disposal.


This is where Netsuite can help. If your small business is in its early formation stages, you could benefit from Netsuite in a variety of ways.


What is Netsuite?

Providing a suite of business applications such as accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and e-commerce, Netsuite is a cloud based software company helping small businesses manage their functional requirements. Thanks to its affordability and accessibility, it is extremely popular among small businesses, and users can choose the features and modules they require, helping to keep the cost down.


With a free trial available and a selection of pricing plans for every budget, Netsuite is a more affordable option than traditional software, and arguably more effective.


How can small businesses benefit from Netsuite?

It’s not easy setting up a business and keeping it running smoothly, especially if you’re a first time entrepreneur, and there are many things you need to learn and adapt to for the business to be a success. Fortunately, learning how to run a business and keep it going is made easier with the help of enterprise resource planning systems, such as Netsuite.


Still not convinced? Here are 6 compelling ways your small business could benefit from Netsuite:

  1. All processes are unified

Critical business processes are far easier to handle when they’re all in one place, and because Netsuite offers integration with a variety of third-party software providers, all of your data can be centralized across every department.


  1. It’s cloud-based

Data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and because Netsuite software is cloud-based, you can get a hold of your data whenever you need to, from wherever you need to.


  1. Netsuite is customizable

The dashboards you work with can all be customized with Netsuite technology, allowing you to highlight information as and when you need to. Being able to easily access data can alert you to any problems that may be arising, or already risen, and give you the power to make more informed decision about your business.


  1. It’s scalable

Many small businesses struggle when the software they choose to work with isn’t able to grow as they grow, but with Netsuite, it can be scaled up to almost any size you need, as and when you need it.


  1. Added security

Companies of all sizes have fallen victim to data security breaches, and while it can be hard to prevent this from ever happening, Netsuite and its sturdy security measures give your data as much protection as possible.


  1. Affordable

Because Netsuite allows you to select and be charged only for those modules you want to use, many small businesses find it to be an affordable option in comparison to other available software.


If you’d like to help your small business get ahead of its competitors and stay there, you should consider trialling Netsuite and see how many more advantages than those listed above, you could benefit from.

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