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NetSuite 2020.2 Sneak Preview
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With the 2020.2 release of NetSuite’s business management platform right around the corner, Aminian Business Services would like to provide you with a quick summary of the new features and enhancements that will soon be available in your NetSuite account.
Twice a year, NetSuite’s phased product upgrades provide customers with improved functionality and usability. From mid-August through late-October, NetSuite will begin rolling out their 2020.2 release. For current customers and those looking at NetSuite for their next business management platform, the 2020.2 release promises to bring a wealth of useful new features and functionality designed to help you disrupt your industry. Below is a sneak preview of the new features included in the 2020.2 release.
Automated Product Exchange for NetSuite

Automated Product Exchange for NetSuite

Save time and valuable resources with an automated product exchange process for NetSuite.
Automated Product Exchange SuiteApp automates the product exchange process within NetSuite, reducing the time and resources associated with managing product exchanges by automatically creating and processing replacement orders, invoices, and credit memos that corresponds to a selected return merchandise authorizations (RMAs).
Ideal for businesses with a large number of replacement orders, the Automated Product Exchange SuiteApp streamlines time-consuming accounting processes and allows all product returns to be easily managed in your NetSuite account. Standardize your product exchange processes and boost employee productivity with our customizable NetSuite solution.
We take pride in having designed and implemented a number of projects for customers who were seeking solutions that are not available in a NetSuite “out-of-the-box” configuration. Our applications and extensions seamlessly integrate with NetSuite’s free product upgrades, making IT nightmares a thing of the past. Contact us today to discover how our seasoned staff can customize end-to-end business processes to your precise business requirements.


Standardized Re-Order Process

Improve business efficiency and increase employee productivity with a standardized customer re-order process inside NetSuite.

Real-­time Visibility

Real-time visibility into customer purchase history and access to current inventory levels.

Increase Employee Efficiency

Automated item sourcing and eliminates data-entry errors and other organizational bottlenecks.

Strengthen Relationships

Increase repeat business and promote upsell and cross-sell throughout your organization.

Automatically Process Product Exchanges

The Automated Product Exchange SuiteApp provides the ability to automatically process product exchanges inside NetSuite. This provides increased efficiency, reduces errors, and ensures that the product exchange process begins and ends within your NetSuite account.
Automatically Process Product Exchanges
Automated Invoice and Credit Memo Processing

Automated Invoice and Credit Memo Processing

The Automated Product Exchange SuiteApp processes a replacement order invoices and credit memos, preserving the item’s average selling price and eliminating the manual work of reconciling credit memos with invoices.

Automated Replacement Orders

With just the click of a button, the Automated Product Exchange SuiteApp creates a replacement order from an existing RMA. All automatically created replacement orders are pre-populated with all relevant customer, contact, and product information.
Automatically Process Product Exchanges
Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

Data from all automatically processed product exchanges is saved in the customer record and transaction record inside your NetSuite account for future tracking and reporting.

Automated Credit Memos

With the Automated Product Exchange SuiteApp, credit memos are automatically created and reconciled with replacement orders, increasing business efficiency and eliminating costly errors.
Automated Credit Memos

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