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NetSuite Implementation Rescue
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You invested in NetSuite to make your business more efficient and position your company for future growth. If your NetSuite ERP implementation is not going as planned, what then? Maybe you’re questioning why things aren’t working as they should or if the project was worth the investment.

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions during or after a NetSuite implementation, don’t worry. We can help.


Jayel Cloud has a team of experts to run interference and rescue your entire cloud ERP system. We have extensive experience in NetSuite implementation, optimizing this powerful tool to help businesses across a range of industries work more effectively and be more productive.

We are experienced at going in and recovering failing implementations and data migrations that other providers didn’t set up for success. NetSuite is not made to use out of the box. We are here to make NetSuite work for your business and help you get the most out of your investment.

NetSuite Implementation Rescue
How to identify implementation errors

How to identify implementation errors

Here are some of the most common problems we encounter when called in to rescue a company’s NetSuite implementation:

  • The Go Live date has been moved once or multiple times
  • All stakeholders were not interviewed to determine business requirements for your ERP implementation
  • No business requirements document was provided by your implementation team
  • Project is over budget and/or underperforming
  • Lackluster user adoption (staff isn’t on board with using it)
  • Users have not been trained to use your NetSuite instance
  • There is not a sufficient user acceptance testing (UAT) plan or items that failed during UAT were not fixed
  • Implementation team lacked knowledge of NetSuite best practices
  • Failure to use the right modules for your company’s needs because the team didn’t deep dive into your business

Solutions for implementation rescue

The fixes for failed NetSuite implementations vary from project to project, but they are rooted in some common themes we follow.

To rescue your NetSuite implementation, we follow these steps to get your business and projects back on track:

  • Talk with you about your business, your goals and needs for the implementation, just as if we were starting from square one on the project
  • Analyze the current implementation, digging deep to find and identify bugs, problems and other mistakes
  • Talk to your staff about the decisions made at each stage of the process to get a sense of what went wrong
  • Report back to you with our findings, giving you a timeline and scope of the fix, along with our plan for completing the project
  • Work quickly to minimize downtime and disruption
  • Test the fix before going live
  • Provide ongoing, on-demand support from your expert team of consultants
If any of the questions or issues raised a red flag about your existing NetSuite implementation, contact our team of expert consultants. We can recover your failing ERP and help get you back on track fast.
Solutions for implementation rescue

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